Women’s Fashion Trend: Girl Meets Boy

Fashion is oh so fickle. One week, it’s high waisted. The next, hot pants and boy shorts are in vogue. And just a mere millisecond later, skinny legged pants are back in again. Oh, the frustration of keeping up! And as we clamour to get the latest feminine pieces stocked in our wardrobes, the fashion world has already moved onto the androgynous trend.

With boys dressing like girls and girls dressing like boys, this season’s androgynous trend is less about gender bending but more about gender blending. Not only did Givenchy’s Ricardo Tisci cast long time muse and assistant, transsexual Lea T as lead model for the brand’s AW10/11 campaign, Acne has now teamed with Candy (fashion’s first magazine to feature transgender and transsexual-themed content) to create a line of tailored shirts with cross-dressers in mind. Australia’s very own male model Andrej Pejic caused quite a commotion when walking for John Galliano and Paul Smith’s shows. His feminine face and long blonde hair left the audience wondering why a female model was cast in the Menswear presentation!

And who can forget Britain’s top model Agyness Deyn, a self confessed tomboy with her trademark cropped blonde hair and outrageous sense of dressing that we all wish we could pull off?

But this androgynous craze doesn’t just stop with the famous faces behind the clothes. Big fashion houses such as Yves Saint Laurent, Lanvin, Rick Owens, Karl Lagerfeld and Hermes have jumped on the bandwagon and are re-interpreting and re-creating this trend and taking it to a whole new level. If more women are working in traditionally male roles and vice versa, why not have our clothes reflect this too?

So if you’re ready to embrace the androgynous trend, here are some of our picks that would definitely make the boys at FashionBeans turn green with envy