Jalore Wildlife Sanctuary

rue Luxury Tours Jalore wildlife sanctuary is located on the private lands of the Takhur Chouhan of Kaniwara at Jalore (Rajasthan, India). These lands were a gift from the Royal family of Jodhpur seven generations ago to the Kaniwara Chouhan family. The Takhur has made the best use of it by naturally preserving a large amount of his lands with the financial and technical support of True Luxury Tours. The total wildlife habitat of this sanctuary spreads about 190 square kilometers in size.

Distance : Its is 175 Kms From Mt. Abu
140 Kms From Jodhpur
380 Kms From Ahmedabad
250 kms From Udaipur

Accommodation : In order to provide the visitors the maximum amount of attention with all the facilities, a maximum number of eight guests at a time are allowed in Jalore Safari campsite. Such adherence to less number of visitors ensures a high number of wildlife sightings, photographic opportunities and a unique experience of being in the Indian Jungle without disturbances. A one-night two day safari package includes private tent accommodation and one walking safari. So if you want your family to be a part of it, book well in advance.

Visitors are provided with tents that have two single beds with handmade furnitures by local people. The tents have attached western style bathrooms and toilets. Electricity is provided to each tent at night time. Food is usually an aristocratic cuisine. It is served by a sustainable wood burning fireplace during winter and otherwise served in a traditional manner on dining beds. Continental cuisine is also provided to the customers

Special Features : Two wildlife safaris are conducted everyday. Depending on the choice of the visitor he can opt for a safari on foot or by jeep every morning and night. Guards and experienced naturalist, take guests to view and photograph rarely seen animals in their natural habitat. The hired naturalist are highly skilled. They know the hidden locations of many species of animals as they study and document them daily. You will even have the opportunity to see and even photograph rare birds. What more, they even provide special safaris for children to learn about the Indian Jungle, its species and how to protect them.