Fashionable Tweaks for Spring 2011

Men's fashion has no clear-cut rules. Guys usually start out with the clothes that they own already and then develop their own sense of style from there. If you've ever done this kind of thing before, you'd know that it involves a lot of tweaking and fine-tuning especially if you follow trends. As spring rolls in, guys everywhere are tweaking and tuning their new warm weather wardrobes - as should you.

Because of its heat and cloudless days, spring is notorious for encouraging guys to let go of formality and go necktie-free. There are still those, however, who prefer to stick to a higher sartorial code, and it looks like they're the leaders of the style pack this season. They have a special kind of necktie for themselves to boot!

Although the silk necktie is and will always be the gold standard of formalwear, there's a happier and friendlier alternative for the season. The cotton tie - best worn in one of those slim contemporary styles - is next to weightless, adding an appropriately light and airy feel to your outfits. At the same time, you lose out on none of the sharpness that comes from wearing a tie somewhere in your ensemble.

Before leaving the subject of suiting, it also bears mentioning that your suits themselves might be subject to change for the season. Sunnier days and higher temperatures make businesslike gray tweeds and heavier black wools impractical to wear. That's why khaki suits always become so popular once the snow begins to thaw.

Khaki, however, is the go-to color. In short, everyone else is already planning to do it for the season. If you're all for setting yourself apart fashion-wise, you could opt for equally spring-appropriate colors like navy or olive. Even if you get the kind of rumpled cotton that's all the rage nowadays, good tailoring will still make you look like a sharp man who dresses right for the season.

Cargo shorts have long been a staple of spring and summer wardrobes. Just check any beach or spring break destination and you'll see that it's bursting at the seams with cargo shorts. The fashion crowd, however, has lately been favoring another spring contender.