Safety Tips For Kids Traveling Alone

Ensure that the child has all the required documents especially when traveling internationally as some countries require special documentations like authentic letter, stating that the child has permission to fly all alone.

Contact the person who will pick up the child at the destination and inform them about the timings of arrival. Do let them know that they will have to show identification and sign an Acceptance of Responsibility form. You can even make a list of telephone numbers and home address of the person picking the child from the airport, and keep it safely in the child's baggage. This way, if the child should ever get separated from the flight attendant responsible for them they will have information to show others who can help them get back to their destination.

In addition o all the above information, give the child a picture of the person meeting him/her with the full name, address and phone number written on the back. You will need to provide this information to the airline as well.

It is better to have an emergency contact person and phone numbers in the event of a flight cancellation or delay.

Before boarding the plane teach your children how to use a calling card and teach them how to make collect calls so they can always reach you. If you are planning to give the kid a cell phone, make sure it can be used out-of-state or overseas.

Ensure the kid has some extra money, including foreign money, in case of a problem with the cell phone.

To make the child feel comfortable on his/her flight, pack a backpack full of their favorite snacks and activities to keep them busy during travel. The Backpack should have a tag with the child"s name and address securely attached.

If possible, buy your child nonstop tickets only. However, if change of planes is necessary, use a small, less intimidating airport for the transfer.