Cure Your Dark Circles The Natural Way

1.Hereditary – The dark circle problem can be hereditary. If someone in your family has suffered it, you may be the carrier. In case of hereditary, the skin under the eyes is very think, thus when the blood flows under the eyes it gives an bluish tint and as your skin is transparent, it is very visible.

2.Nutrition – If your body is lacking nutrition, you are likely to develop Dark circle. There is a dent under our eyes. Any unhealthy body condition makes your skin pale thus making the dent under eyes visible. Lack of nutrition, makes your eyes weak, thus, creating the dark circle.

3.Sun Tan – The skin under the eye is very sensitive. Over exposure to sun, tans the skin but tans it more on the sensitive area of eyes. Tanning is the surfacing of melanin on the skin. It happens to a great extent under the eyes making it look dark.

4.Tiredness – Eyes is the most expressive organ of the body, thus any exertion has first effect on the eyes. Tiredness, makes the skin around the yes pale thus, making it look dark.

5.Allergy – Most of us don't realize that we are suffering from eyes allergy. Eyes allergy is an infection which leads to darkening the skin around the eyes.


1.Food For Eyes -
Until You are healthy inside, your dark circles cannot be treated. You need to provide special nutrient to your eyes. Stir Tomato juice, mint leaves, lemon juice and salt and drink it everyday for a healthy eye. This will internally treat your dark circles.

2.Eyes Care – Rub the affected area, with tomato and lemon juice twice a day. If your dark circles are due to sun tan, then this will cure it. Tomato and lemon are natural bleach, which curbs the tan away.

3.Eyes Pack – Make a pack out of cucumber pulp, tomato pulp and Lanolin cream. Apply it to your eyes for best results.