Mom, What's Sephora?

It seems like children grow up quickly. One day your daughter is selling Girl Scout cookies, dressed in the fashionable khaki uniform; next, your daughter is pleading to wearing a half shirt with low rise jeans because “they so are in style”—and so is makeup. Their friends are allowed to wear makeup, their friend’s friend are allowed to wear makeup; heck, Miley Cyrus was allowed to wear makeup at their age. How do you handle this situation? Teems see makeup as a whole new world, and without proper guidance will look more Lady Gaga than Lauren Conrad.

First of all, there are no hard and fast rules about when teens should begin to wear makeup. The age ranged from as young as 11 years old to 15 years old, with the most popular age being 13 years old. It all depends on your daughter’s maturity and how comfortable you are with her before you start the makeup journey.

Skincare is a critical first step. Makeup counters often have specials where you can attend and work with a skincare specialist so even if you do not buy their products, you will get an idea of what skin type your daughter is—at least knowing oily, dry or sensitive skin really helps get skin prepped and also helps when buying proper foundation and cover up.

Next, I really recommend calling or going to Sephora or Macy’s, and scheduling a makeover (when calling, double check to ensure it is free. Some counters will not have a fee, but will require a purchase of lipstick or $30.00). Make sure you are asking for an everyday, natural look.

Skin: If your daughter has the unfortunate issue I did of dealing with cystic acne (or regular acne), you will definitely want to get her to a dermatologist and find the proper method to clear up her face so she will not need foundation. That is the goal—to not need foundation. Teenagers should avoid a pancake face, or looking like they are wearing a mask. A light moisturizer foundation with SPF pulls double duty—covering up imperfections and protection from the sun! Other recommended products include: Bare Minerals and Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse

Next, work with the makeup artist to choose makeup colors and formulas will softly enhance your daughter’s other features. Make sure she gets a sample of a few different foundations to try on at home. Discuss which colors you agree upon and how to apply them. Choosing the colors are just as important as knowing how to apply them.