What A Good Beautician Should Know?

Have you ever thought what would life be without beauty parlours? I am sure the thought of it is scary. To take out time and practice some home beauty regime is quite taxing, thus, beauty parlours and beauticians are the only answer to all our beauty needs and it is also a fast growing industry. Now you can find several big and small beauty parlours on a street but you would want to go only to a few. Those which meet your need and expectation.

I recently shifted to a new location and after settling my room, I went out to look for a good parlour near by. After wandering for sometime I was delighted to find a branded beauty parlour nearby and without second thought went in. The sight of the place it self put me off. The place was not clean, I saw the beauticians using dirty accessories etc. I came out immediately but sometimes we end up realising the faults of the beautician only after an experience, when the harm is already met. Thus, here are some basic signs to judge a good beautician -

1.Comfort Zone – The first sign of a good beautician is that, she should be able to make you comfortable. Beauty parlour is a place where you completely depend on the beautician at that time if she has a bad attitude or behaviour, it puts you off and due to lack of cooperation, the result might be worse. So, don't take risks with your beauty regime.

2.Cleanliness– A beauty parlour should be clean. Beauty parlours always deal with skin and hair both of which are sensitive to infection. It is thus, always said that one should never use the same comb, same towel, beauty products like lipstick etc. Thus, cleanliness is a very important characteristic of a good beautician. She herself should be clean and also keep the place clean. A clean and hygienic parlour is the only place one should go for beauty treatments.

3.Proper Understanding – A beautician should always understand your needs correctly. Understanding your needs is more important at the time of haircut, eyebrow plucking, massage etc. Wrong understanding by the beautician at this time can result in disasters. A good beautician always understands the customers needs completely.

4.Knowledgeable – A beautician preferably should have passed the beautician course. Such beauticians have complete knowledge about the trend, style, style according to face cut, skin tone etc and many other things. She can be your guide to all your beauty related queries and can be the best person to give suggestions.