Tips To Stay Slim And Fit

You may not be able to work out regularly in the gym, with your busy schedule. But being a little conscious in the regular activities will help you to stay slim and fit.

Drink lots of water regularly as it will flush out the toxins. It helps to reduce dehydration and keeps the skin fresh. It will make you feel full, avoiding the cravings in between the main courses.

Include lots of vegetables and fresh fruits in the diet. Suppress the cravings for sweets with fresh fruits like bananas, papaya or mangoes instead of bakery items. Avoid snacks as much as possible as it is not good for both your body and skin. Be aware of your diet. Include healthy snacks like nuts or salads, which are beneficial for your health.

Regular exercises bring a natural glow for the skin. If you do not get the time for exercise, find out time from the regular routine- like a brisk walk from the office to the way home or a twist when you watch the TV in the living room, also provide physical exercise to your body. Avoid elevators and go by stairs as these simple activities do help to increase metabolism and burn the unwanted calories. Think about your ways to burn fat and absolutely there is no need for a magic pill for the purpose.

Make it a habit to drink a glass of luke warm water, mixed with equal proportion of lemon juice and honey, in an empty stomach. Lemon-honey detox is a natural remedy to lower the cholesterol level. It cleanses both the body and the skin and also keeps the digestion clear. Lime and honey if applied on the face provides fairness to the skin too.

Drinking green tea which is rich with antioxidants will stimulate metabolism, thus helping losing weight. Green tea contains Epigallocatechin Gallates (ECGC), which increases fat oxidation and thermogenesis, which helps to burn the fat safely and naturally. But avoid sugar while preparing green tea.