London Fashion Week Women’s Day Two

Day two began with another early 9AM start as I headed off to the Old Sorting Office for Off schedule designer Bernard Chandran. After mistakenly thinking the show was actually at Victoria House, I finally took my seat front row just as the show was about to begin

To describe the collection like Marmite would perhaps be the most accurate analogy I could make. Some of it I loved, some of it I didn’t feel quite so passionate about. A vision of shimmering metallics, the collection featured a whole host of materials and textures, often mixed together within a single garment. Whilst this was an appealing factor in some cases, including a gorgeous layered ruffle dress, in other instances it made the look over complicated and confusing, not to mention, dare I say it, somewhat ‘economical’ looking. In addition, a further ‘marmite factor’ was without a doubt the footwear. Whilst I loved the winged design on the sides, the shoes appeared to be loosely tied and extremely hard to walk in. Several models stumbled around whilst one twisted her ankle in an incident which was, quite frankly, painful to watch.

From a beauty perspective, make up was most consistently metallic, including metallic lip gloss, whilst hair was styled in a bun to the side of the head