A resurgent Berlin

Stolen Girlfriends' Club Laurèl took some elements of the 1970s and brought them in to autumn 2011.

Rena Lange

Quality and consistency through design was clearly displayed at the Rena Lange autumn–winter 2011 show. A small selection of geometric prints teamed with block colours, work well to enhance different parts of the silhouette and to create an optic of asymmetry within symmetry. The collection is ready to wear, but has not compromised on the technical skill required to construct each garment. Each piece has been carefully put together and the use of quality fabrics such as thick wool knits, leather and silk is instantly evident.

Marcel Ostertag

There was no shortage of colour in the Marcel Ostertag show. From mustard yellows to emerald green, it’s the different shades of violet that is a fresh change from the predictable hues found in winter wardrobes. Marcel’s look can hardly be described as restrained. Masculine and feminine characteristics have been mixed to create beautiful, fluid garments that are a little rough around the edges. Again, the use of leather and transparent silks is frequent in almost every outfit. There are also some gorgeous accessories in this collection, including pastel leather clutches and handbags.


At the Laurèl autumn–winter 2011 show, pale blue and shades of cognac dominated. Rope features as a detail on several garments, and a lot of wool, knitwear and leather were used. The collection also features jumpsuits paired with sleeveless fur jackets and a pale blue, wool suit jacket paired with mid-thigh matching shorts. A black leather mini embedded with large Swarovski crystals is one of the highlights. There is also a 1970s element coming from the slightly flared trousers and capes. The accessories include long suede gloves and knee-high boots. This collection can easily be described as luxury at ease, and exudes feminine coolness but doesn’t compromise on comfort.