2010-11 Fashion In Pakistan By Top Dress Designers

Nineteen-seventies silhouettes, a varied range of block colours, and a subtle use of accessories, sums up Dimitri’s collection. Leather fringe appears as a design feature on dresses and belts, and large crescent-shaped leather clutches also make an appearance. A mix of masculine tailored pieces such as high-wasted leather shorts are successfully contrasted against floor-length dresses and draped furs, wool and silk-chiffon. Luxurious fabrics are toned down by hues of burnt orange, grey, ivory and rich browns, but the final ruby-red, leather fringed coat adds a punch of edgy glamour.

A. F. Vandervorst

The Belgian designer duo, A. F. Vandervorst sent the autumn–winter 2011 collection ‘A. Friend’ down the runway in a shroud of mystery, with the models’ faces masked, wearing gloves and full-length skirts, trousers or tights, only showing a minimal amount of bare skin. The collection is a play on asymmetry with the use of block-coloured pieces in fall tones of brown, red and black. Ruched rayon dresses, unisex cardigans and sweaters constructed from wool and jersey, and minimal accessories comprising of belts and gloves are all intertwined to create an edgy and individual look that is still wearable.

Stephan Pelger

Seductive fabrics paired with the illusion of iced crystals served as the inspiration behind Stephan Pelger’s autumn–winter 2011 collection. A modern take on the 1960s’ ‘beehive’ hairstyle, slick black eyeliner and black, patent-leather pumps give the collection an overall polished look. The collection is well structured and confident but is softened by a feminine floral print, which gives the appearance of a bed of flowers that has been glazed with ice. Cinched-in waists also add a more feminine touch and the use of sumptuous fabrics such as cashmere, sheer silk and silver fox fur add sex appeal as well as timeless elegance.